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Our hiking tours

Hikes to lakes

St. Vigil - Lake Prags

Duration: 6 hrs

Proceed from Hotel Paraccia through Fojedöra Valley to the Fojedöra Alpine pasture, descend to Lake Prags. This so-called “pearl of the Dolomite lakes” lies at an altitude of 1469m. Not only is it one of the most beautiful lakes in South Tyrol; it is also one of the deepest. This lake enjoys a completely unique location – it covers an area of 31 hectares in the northern part of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags nature park, and is surrounded by a majestic backdrop of mountains.

Unique hikes

Pederü - St. Vigil in Enneberg – Limo pass

Duration: 3-4 hrs

Starting point at Pederü. The first section leads round the halved crater of scree and afterwards to the green Lake Piciodel.
Fanes and Lavarella mountain huts are settled in a quiet valley rich of water and alpine lakes.
Moving forward, the lake Limo and the so-called “Parliament of the Marmots” can be reached in a short time.

Various hikes

St. Vigil hamlet hike

Duration: 2-4 hrs

Starting point for these hikes is La Pli. From here, you can follow a number of different routes leading to Brach, Ciaseles, Frontü, Biei, Fordora, Frena, La Costa, Cianorè. As these hamlets are all grouped fairly closely together and linked via roads and paths, you can make up your own individual route and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the special architecture of the buildings in these hamlets.

High flyer hike

Senes - Monte Sella di Senes

Duration: 3 hrs

This is an easy, well-marked route which begins at the Sennes mountain shelter – you can also return via Riciogogn Pass and Ciastlin Valley to Lè dla Creda.

Discover our hikes

St. Vigil - Chi Rauc – Ciamaur

Duration: 1½ hrs

Set off from Kirchplatz in the direction of Valiares and turn left to the shooting range. Follow the stream until you get to Ciamaur. Then cross the bridge and return on the other side of the stream to St. Vigil in Enneberg.

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