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From curvaceous mountain routes with views over the eternal ice of the glaciers, to brightly colourful routes through the gently undulating hills of the vineyards by Kaltern am See, riding your bike is pure pleasure in South Tyrol...

Curves & dumplings: our tours combine driving fun with culinary delights!

Condor’s motorbike tips:

Sella Massif circuit: summer or winter, the Sella circuit is one of the biggest highlights in the Dolomites. The relatively popular route can be optimised by adding a few stretches of less frequented roads.

In our roadbook, we offer a range of options. We will print the tours for you and load them on your Navigation System. In the area surrounding our hotel, you can reach around 55 passes. Ask us for suggestions – you won’t regret it!

Discover the Alpine passes in Italy

Motorbiking fun on mountain roads & passes

Enjoy exciting day rides on your motorbike holiday in Italy, amongst the magical beauty of Val Badia. Thanks to its convenient location, our motorbiking hotel in South Tyrol is the perfect starting point for lots of motorbike tours through the Dolomites and South Tyrol.

Information on all mountain passes in Italy:

  Gradient Height in metres Generally open
Small St. Bernhard ** 9% 2188 VI-X
Campo Carlo Magno ** 11% 1682 all year
Campolungo * 10% 1875 all year
Falzarego *** 11% 2117 all year
Palade / Gampen * 9% 1518 all year
Gavia 16% 2621 VII-X
Gemärk Pass * 6% 1529 all year
Gardena Pass *** 12% 2137 all year
Giovo / Jaufen ** 12% 2137 all year (closes at night in winter from 6pm-8am)
Karer Pass ** 16% 1752 all year
Mauria * 10% 1300 all year
Mendel ** 10% 1363 all year
Kreuzberg Pass * 12% 1636 all year
Mont Genèvre 12% 1850 all year
Passo di Fedáia 10% 2056 V-X
Passo di Foscagno 12% 2291 all year
Penser Joch 13% 2211 VI-X
Pian delle Fugazze ** 14% 1159 all year
Pordoi Joch *** 8% 1602 all year
Schnalstaler Glacier* 15% 2011 all year
Sellajoch *** 11% 2240 all year
Staller Sattel   2052 VI-X
Stelvio / Stilfser Joch *** 12% 2757 VI-X
Rombo / Timmelsjoch 13% 2497 I-X
Tonale Pass * 10% 1884 all year
Umbrail Pass 11% 2501 V-X
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